The Festival

Why do we organize a festival?Afrika
The Fulbe, who still as nomads with their cattle in search of water and pasture by the Sahel, are coming under increasing pressure. They have violent conflicts with sedentary farmers. the african borders increasingly dangerous because of numerous conflicts between african countrys, or because of armed criminal gangs; Therefore, many nomads wish now that they can settle in villages equipped clinics, schools and dairy companies  that allow them to live with dignity in their dairy products while allowing their children to go to school.

Our association is looking for ways to support these nomads in these projects.

What we want to achieve with the Forum Festival 2016?

  • we want make known the concerns of the Fulbe in Germany
  • establish a business cooperation between african and European entrepreneurs,
  •  inform about the history, language, culture and society of the Fulbe
  • discuss how the social and cultural identity of the nomads in the modern world as the "cultural renaissance of the Fulbe" ("Tabital Pulaaku") can be initiated.

  • And of course we want to celebrate together.

musikerThe program of the Forum Festival:

  • An economic day
  • An international symposium
  • An art exhibition
  • Film screenings
  • Concerts.
  • An fashion show