The Association

The association Tabital Pulaaku Deutschland (VR 31340 B) was founded in 2011 in Berlin and is a branch of the association Tabital Pulaaku International (TPI), which is represented in many countries of the world, as in Belgium, France, Spain , Italy, the USA, China, Japan and more than 20 African countries. The president of the association is currently Amadou M. Diallo from Senegal and the Secretary General is Abdoullaye Barry from Guinea Conakry. The head office of the Association is: Wattstr. 13, 13629 Berlin.

The goals of the association are:

  • to represent the interests of the Fulbe community in Germany
  • to offer to the Fulbe living in Germany a space for communication and exchange
  • promote intercultural dialogue by supporting the integration process as a social responsibility
  • to organize a cooperative partnership with the Fulani contractors for various African countries to improve the living conditions of the nomads.  

Amadou Diallo, President of the TPD (left) Kadry Yaya, Vice-President of the TPI (center) and Moctar Kamara, Chairman of the „Afrika rat“ (right)